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The Future of the Future

As technology alters every aspect of our modern society, so too does it change the ancient art of prediction. Today, advances in artificial technology, simulation, and even human thought have forced thinkers to reckon with a changing conception of what prediction is -- and who we are and will be.

Click here to access the Future of the Future pathway within LabXchange; each video below is also linked in the description to its LabXchange page.


Psychology of Prediction with Dan Gilbert:

Alyssa speaks with Harvard Psychologist Dan Gilbert in a discussion covering the limits of the human mind to comprehend uncertainty and the ability of people to predict their emotional outcomes. (LabXchange Version)

Artificial Intelligence with Ben Shneiderman:

Alyssa and Harvard undergraduates Sandip Nirmel & Ahan Malhotra interview Ben Shneiderman, an expert on Artificial Intelligence, as he lays out the limits of AI. (LabXchange Version)

Philosophy of Prediction with Ned Hall:

Alyssa speaks with philosopher of science Ned Hall about deep questions of philosophy of science. How can we truly make a prediction? Find "truth" in a chaotic universe? Ned elaborates. (LabXchange Version)

Uncertainty in Science with Stuart Firestein:

Alyssa speaks with Columbia’s Prof. Stuart Firestein as the pair discuss an essential topic to both prediction and science in general -- uncertainty. (LabXchange Version)

Prediction & Philosophy with Agustín Rayo:

Alyssa and Harvard undergraduates Elizabeth Holmes & Cassandra Kane interview MIT philosopher Prof. Agustín Rayo, as they discuss topics ranging from the predictability of human behavior and public understanding of uncertainty to discussions of determinism and the possibility of human free will. (LabXchange Version)

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