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Modern Prediction

Prediction is everywhere in the modern world, making up essential aspects of almost every part of our lives. From checking the weather on your phone, knowing when you will arrive to work, to longer term predictions of the success of your stock portfolio and your personal health goals. This section of the course examines five areas of modern prediction: Earth, Health, Wealth, Space, and the Future of the Future -- which looks at the driving forces currently changing our own conceptions of prediction, including artificial intelligence and machine learning -- to give learners a picture of the state of modern predictive methodologies. Select which modern form of prediction you want to study first by clicking on an image of the topic you want to study using the interactive menu below.

This site contains our prediction videos uploaded on YouTube; to enjoy them in their full format with video annotations and useful links, check out our Modern Prediction cluster on LabXchange.


Study the complex modeling that has defined humanity's comprehension of climate change and the future of our planet in Earth. 


Discover the incredible modern advancements in global health prediction -- using technology to make humanity healthier from mobile health to genomics, and possibly altering what it means to be human.

Space image.jpg

Learn about modern astronomical prediction, with cutting edge 

simulations now defining the field of astronomy and contributing to a monumental change in our understanding of the universe.


Understand the rapidly changing modern state of wealth prediction, pulling on innovative fields such as behavioral economics to comprehend the inherent difficulty of predicting markets.


How will prediction change as technology further develops? How will artificial intelligence influence our ability to understand uncertainty? These questions and others are touched on by philosophers and scientists in the Future of the Future.



Listen to our special guests talk about their research in modern predictions in our PredictionX Podcast, available here and on Spotify.

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