The field of astrophysics has been completely redefined by developments in simulation technology and ever-increasing computing power. Long gone are the days of Galileo staring through a telescope of his own design hoping to discover whether Earth orbits the Sun or vice versa. Today, groundbreaking astronomical discoveries are more often done by supercomputers, programmed to create massive simulations of anything imaginable from the creation of galaxies and stars to the very existence of extraterrestrial life and whether we will ever make contact with it. In this series of interviews and essays, Alyssa and others explore the fascinating future of astronomical prediction and the implications these discoveries will have on us.

Astrophysics with Avi Loeb:

Watch Chair of the Harvard Astronomy Department Avi Loeb speak to Alyssa about his work and prediction in astrophysics.

The Future of E.T. with Jill Tarter:

See Alyssa’s fascinating interview with astronomer Jill Tarter about her life and work, what it was like being the inspiration for the film Contact, and the future of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

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