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The global economy today runs on prediction. From stock market modeling to macroeconomic predictions of global trade, money and prediction go hand-in-hand. Learn from this growing collection of resources on prediction and finance, starting with a discussion of a historically difficult area of prediction -- human behavior and the economy.

Click here to access the Wealth pathway within LabXchange; each video below is also linked in the description to its LabXchange page.


Behavioral Economics with David Laibson:

Alyssa speaks with Prof. David Laibson about one of the newest and most cutting edge areas of economics -- Behavioral Economics. The interview delves into economic predictive methods, utilizing both human psychology and economic principles to improve accuracy.(LabXchange Version)

Corporations and Climate with Rebecca Henderson:

Alyssa speaks with Harvard University Professor Rebecca Henderson about organizational rigidity as an essential barrier to overcome in order to mitigate climate change. (Labxchange Version)

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