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John Snow and Cholera

Join us as we explore the case study of the 1854 Broad Street Cholera Outbreak and how the scientist John Snow's research laid the groundwork for modern predictive epidemiology. You can either explore a sneak peak of the material here or experience it in full on edX.


The Cholera Outbreak of 1854

The video below gives an overview of Broad Street during the cholera outbreak of 1854 and the evidence that lead to John Snow understanding that cholera is spread by water. More information, including a special version of this video with annotations, can be found on edX.

A Conversation with Experts

Join Dr. Rosalind Stanwell-Smith of the John Snow Society and Dr. Don Goldman of the Harvard School of Public Health as they discuss John Snow's genius and impact on modern day epidemiology.

Mapping the Cholera Outbreak of 1854

The video below is a summary of John Snow's two famous maps -- his map of the Broad Street cholera outbreak from 1854 and his water company map from 1853-1854. You can view the maps as seen in this video on our custom PredictionX: John Snow Maps page on ArcGIS; a visual guide of how to adjust the settings on that page is below the video.

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